Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I wear?

A. Anything you are able to move freely in and are comfortable in, loose clothing or sports wear is best.

Q. Do I need shoes?

A. Nope, we practice in bare feet.

Q. Do I need to bring anything?

A. No, we have mats, blocks, bolsters etc.

Q. Do you have lockers?

A. Yes, we provide lockers and locks for your belongings. Nothing should be brought in to the studio except water.

Q. I’ve never done yoga, which class should I attend?

A. The best place to start is at the Beginners’ class. If a different class takes your fancy then by all means give it a try but make sure you tell the teacher it’s your first class.

Q. Do you have toilets and showers?

A. We have toilets but no showers.


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