Workshops & Global Yogis

Uplevel Your Learning to Upgrade Your Flow

with Mia Togo

Friday 12th April 6.30-8pm

£25 or £20 for members & students

Saturday 13th April 2-5pm

£30 or £26 for members & students

£50 for both workshops or £40 for members and students

Sunday 14th April Mellow class take-over – regular price

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Yoga is a practice of learning about who we are and how we show up in the world so we can make choices aligned with our True Self. The process of self-exploration is important to uncover unconscious patterns that can keep us stuck in limited choices rooted in limiting beliefs. Uprooting these patterns and bringing awareness to what needs an upgrade allows us to expand our inner and outer worlds. When we allow new information in, we can flow into new territory and broaden our capacity to move through life with more ease.

This workshop is designed to explore our musculo-skeletal patterns in the postures and make some shifts that will help you feel more ease. This opens our minds to new perspectives and welcomes truth however it shows up for us on the mat. Every thought has a feeling, and every feeling carries energy. When we breathe into our tension and resistance, feelings can arise that need attending and space to move through. When we learn to respond and not react we upgrade our capacity to be present in our lives and turn all of our experiences in to wisdom for growth and expansion.

The journey begins Friday night with a well rounded flow to explore your postural patterns and create a dialogue for new learning. We will create a space on Saturday to deepen your flow and open up to inquiry. Diving into a posture lab will allow us to look at each others unique bodies. We are all so different and we need to honor that as practitioners and teachers. It is not a one size fits all, so we will explore variations and modifications you can take with you to find your truth on and off the mat. There will be a philosophy circle to bring it all together and to support you on your path. It is not about a perfect practice, it is an ongoing conversation and the dialogue we create is meant to inspire you to keep learning about yourself so you live aligned with your unique flow.

Originally from America, now residing in London and teaching at Tri-Yoga and Heartcore, Mia is a 500ERYT with Yoga Alliance. She is also a YogaWorks senior teacher, teacher trainer, 300-hour mentor and leads yoga retreats and workshops around the world.Mia creates a space for her students to explore their truth – a place where they can remember that their worth does not need to be earned, bought or outsourced, because true love comes from within.In a world where we are taught to push away discomfort and attach to pleasure, she encourages students to honour what is coming up rather than override it.Life is full of challenges and every season we move through is a gift to honour, to move through mindfully and live from a space of truth and love.

108 Sun Salutations – 2019

108 Sun Salutations is returning for the summer solstice. More details coming soon.

Flirtatious Flow, Handstand Bootcamps and Landing Gear Restorative

With Kyle Weiger

September 27th-29th

  • Friday 6-8pm Flirtatious Flow
  • Saturday 10am-12pm Handstand Bootcamp – Foundations
  • Saturday 1:30-3:30pm Handstand Bootcamp – Progressions
  • Sunday 11:30am-1:30pm Landing Gear – Restorative Flow

LA based handstand king and all-round decent yogi Kyle will be at YQ in September teaching us how to flow, invert and restore.

“My mission is to leave every person I encounter a little light than when I found them. The courses, workshops and seminars I lead were all built with love and admiration for my fellow practitioners of yoga, movement and leadership. I am a teacher sometimes and a student always. Easy.”

Flirtatious Flow – Tap into your senses and flow around every edge of your mat, as you explore a Vinyasa-style class that incorporates dance, rhythm, pulsation, and stretching what you thought you were capable of. So get ready to cut loose and have fun!

Bootcamp #1: Foundations – The first part of bootcamp is focused on setting up your Handstand line and getting you into a confident stacked position, with and without the wall. We’ll be exploring a number of gymnastics-based drills for creating and maintaining your hollow-body shape across various planes of movement. This session is all about training your brain/body connection to recognize your line.

Bootcamp #2: Progressions – The second section of bootcamp introduces techniques for longer holds, Press progressions, and different leg positions. Handstand comes in so many shapes and sizes, so you’ll be exploring the different aspects of the position! Much like every other pose, every student wears Handstand a little different, so this session will give you tons of tools to find your strongest variation!

Landing Gear: After a weekend of rigorous flow, high-flying arm balances, and Handstands, it’s time to set you down gently. Join Kyle for this afternoon session of therapeutic deep stretching and restorative yoga so you can give your body the rest and relaxation it deserves!

£30 per workshop

£50 Both handstand workshops

£100 whole weekend

20% discount for monthly members & students

Also coming to YQ in 2019…

Dan Ward, and Fleur Van Hille.

Come back soon for details