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We are delighted to welcome global yogi Shannon Algeo to Yoga Quarter.
Shannon is a speaker, coach, and yoga+meditation teacher who has helped thousands of people around the globe tune into their life’s purpose and activate transformative personal and career growth. He is the co-founder of the iTunes Top Podcast SoulFeed that delivers inspiring interviews and teachings to over 160 countries, and he interviews inspirational leaders like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Gabby Bernstein, and more.
Shannon was named one of the “Nicest Instructors in New York City” by RateYourBurn for his work as a yoga teacher and his coaching intuition has been called a “gift to the wellbeing community.” He leads corporate mindfulness programs for companies like the global non-profit (RED) founded by Bono as well as several start up companies. In addition to giving talks for lululemon and Wanderlust, Shannon was invited to speak at the United Nations for the “Yoga and the UN Culture of Peace.”
Shannon’s workshops take place over two days:

Friday 27th July 6:30-8:30pm : Restorative Aromatherapy Yoga + Meditation
Essential oils are distilled plant medicines that have the ability to help us return to wholeness through physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This simple grounding yoga practice + nourishing guided meditation is designed to help you anchor in the present moment, align with your inherent power to heal, and arise into an enlightened state of emotional wellbeing. Come soak in this ionic bath of aromatherapy and goodness
Investment: £25

Saturday 11am-1pm : Activate Your Purpose: Embodied Yoga
This embodied yoga practice will guide you through the chakras to explore the opening and clearing of the 7 main energy centers of the body. Your purpose is not something outside of you, it is something that is cultivated within you and expressed through you.

When the physical body is an open channel for full self expression and ease, we don’t need to heavily muscle our work into existence. We use our energetic life force to allow ideas, sounds, emotions, actions, relationships, and life to flow through us.

In this intensive and fun workshop, we’ll explore moving energy in the body, releasing old patterns that no longer serve your highest self, and preparing for your purpose to be activated through your physical form.
Investment: £25

Saturday 2-4pm : Activate Your Purpose: Career Manifestation Workshop                 Do you want to be in a career that is aligned with your purpose? It’s easy to feel a lack of self-worth, a ton of frustration, and general anxiety when we’re in a gray area and we don’t know what to do next. Imagine you could give your best self to others and live abundantly in return. Imagine you could step confidently into your next phase of life with power, clarity, and ease.

Using the laws of co-creation and your power of choice, this workshop will take you through a 7-step, chaka-aligned process to bring your vision into manifestation.
You will…

● Remove the limiting beliefs that tempt you to give your power away and see all you are capable of- with clear vision and higher perception.
● Bring your thoughts, words, and actions into alignment so you are a powerful manifestor in your life – unobstructed by confusion or sloppiness.
● Discover, articulate, and share your unique ‘WHY’ – your divine purpose and function for being here on the planet at this time. This informs everything!
● Write + commit to goals that are aligned with trust instead of fear. Surrender financial fears and remember your badass worthiness.
● Harness the creative power of community.
● Take bold and courageous actions that let the Universe know you are UP to the task!
Investment: £25
Workshop package : £65


We are delighted to welcome Dan to the studio.
Dan lives and teaches in Santa Monica ( Of his classes he says:
You don’t have to fit into a world that has so many problems that is in no position to judge you…You follow your own journey. Give yourself the support and encouragement you need… It’s good to be seen, to be noticed and to have a little bit of attention… see yourself. see the goodness in you. Instead of chasing after things that in the end aren’t worth so much, you can recognize the gifts you already have. You can cherish the gift of being you.” -Dan Ward

Hailing originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Dan Ward has been practicing yoga in Santa Monica, California for over 20 years. Emerging from a background in acting and theatre, Dan has always been deeply interested in the potential of the present moment as a vehicle for enriching all experience. Life is simply better when you are aware, in the moment and aren’t putting your personal happiness in the hands of events beyond your control. Yoga is always happening now (even when you read yoga teacher bios!). Being of a philosophical bent, Dan looks to understand, or at least contemplate, the bigger questions of who we are and why we are that way, connecting the personal to universal. In yoga, we reflect on our sensations, thoughts, and feelings, developing the connection to our intuitive wisdom. The insights gained here are invaluable as we go about healing and rehabilitating the body. We strengthen it; make it more subtle and responsive. We raise our ‘body intelligence’, our knowing of what is safe, smart and beneficial. We learn to use the body wisely. Whether the practice is on the mellow side or contains acrobatic postures, the focus is the same.
Dan’s classes tend to reach a broad range of people, from teens to older adults, from those with disabilities to professional athletes. As a family man with four daughters, Dan’s vibe is supportive, encouraging, kind, and respectful. Students find themselves put at ease, prepared to explore yoga with the proper attitude in order to achieve the desired result: freedom.

Friday 6:30-8:30pmThe Complete Practice
This Hatha Vinyasa class aims to provide space to practice at an unhurried pace. After a short talk exploring the benefits and rationale behind this style, the class will begin. It will include, with modifications and variations, a foundational approach to physical postures accessible to a broad range of yoga practitioners. There will be time and space for breathwork, meditation and a long, sublime savasana.
Investment £25
Saturday 2-4:30pm Better Tools
How do we grow as people? How can yoga make our lives even better? This session begins with a short talk about the origins of yoga and then follows with a moderately vigorous Hatha Vinyasa class that will include arm balances and inversions.
Investment £30
Workshop package : £45

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