Workshops & Global Yogis

Release & Restore

with Olivia & Becca

17th November 2-4pm

Led by Becca Toal (AromaTouch massage therapist) and Liv Moore ( Pilates Instructor and AromaTouch massage therapist)

A flowing mobility and stretch class using props and DoTerra essential oils to release tension stored within the body and mind.

We begin the workshop with a short talk about essential oils and how they will guide us during our practice, these wonderful oils will help you to be immersed into the movement and completely relax. The meditation section at the end will include a short massage with the oils to complete your practice.

Investment £20

Students and YQ Members £16

Shakti Women’s Circle

with Simone and Susan

Sunday 1st December 7:30-9pm

Throughout time women have come together to support and uplift each other. Menstrual Huts and Moon Lodge traditions goes back hundreds of years.

These all-women spaces were places where women of different ages and backgrounds gathered to tell stories, learn from each other and explore how the cyclical nature of a woman’s life impacts how we understand the world around us.

The Yoga Quarter Shakti Women’s Circle is new to the studio. It will be a safe space where we gather, move through a gentle yoga practice, connect as women and finish with a meditation.

The Shakti Women’s Circle is open to women of all ages and backgrounds. No previous experience of yoga necessary.

The circle will be led by Susan McEwen and Simone Hadfield. Susan has over 20 years’ experience of leading women’s groups and Simone has been leading women’s circles for the last two years.

£12 or £9.60 for members and students

Also coming to YQ in 2019…

Fleur Van Hille.

Come back soon for details